Gallery of quilts

Reflections of Mt. Shuksan

Golden Sunset
Enter the Dragon 2

Skagit Tulip

Rising from the Ashes

Cranes of a Different Color

The Old Barn

"Sweetie Pie"

Two Mushrooms

Red Eyed Tree Frog

3D Explosion

The Beach Chair

Whoohoo...Let's Celebrate Summer

Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade 2


Surfs Up!

Small whole cloth

Under the Sea

Civil war quilt on my bed

feathered wreath block

My Civil War Quilt

Blackberry Crumble (challenge quilt)

Blackberry Crumble (challenge quilt)
Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

Slices of Life in Whatcom County

Slices of Life in Whatcom County


  1. Wow! Those are amazing!
    I might be a bit biased, but still! I love em!
    hugs from upstairs,

  2. Fantastic Jo…I particularly love the slices of live quilt, the way it is segmented but flows so perfectly as a whole…beautiful!

  3. Thanks, Laura… is a group quilt made by a small group of 5 of us. We recently sold it to the Bellingham Public Library where it is on permanent display. It’s been hanging since February 2010. They told us they have gotten a lot of comments and attention from it. It hangs just above where everyone returns their books!

  4. I’ve just attended the 2011 Lynden Fair and was astonished by the quilts there.

    One, in particular, I just loved and wondered if you might have a picture. It was a huge, wall hanging quilt displaying the trees through different seasons. The quilter added lots of extra little things to the quilt, also.

    I was told the woman took six years to complete it. Also, would there be a pattern or a book showing how to do this quilt?

    Thanks you, I enjoyed your blog.

    • I believe there is one. The woman who did that was Marcia Mulder who teaches at Tangled Threads in Lynden. You might want to check with the shop regarding the pattern for it. THank you for looking at my blog. Glad you enjoyed all the great quilts at the fair!

  5. I am such a fan of yours but Painted Ladies will always be my fave!

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