About Jo Baner

Hello…. I am a professional longarm quilter, quilt artist and teacher. I live in Whatcom County just on the outskirts of Ferndale, WA, USA. I have been quilting for about 25 years and the longer I do it the more I learn! I have a wonderful studio in my home where I have an A-1 Elite longarm machine as well as a Bernina and various other machines to do my work. I am passionate about art quilting and that is what you would see on my walls. But I dearly love to quilt traditional tops for my clients. I mostly do custom free hand quilting. Contact me for a consultation and a quote.


  1. Hi Jo:
    I am looking forward to seeing your blog and the photos you are posting. Great success to you. You may remember Roy as being the only guy at Longarm University:)

    • Hi Joyce….yes, I remember. I think we ran into each other at Innovations one year, too? Or is my memory just making things up? I just learned about blogging at Innovations and look forward to keeping it going…..:)

      • Hi Jo: Yes we did meet at Innovations. I have now bookmarked your blog. Love your work.

  2. Thank you, Joyce! I’m getting in to more drawing, so I will be doing more original “painted” quilts. Just need to make more consistent time to do it!

  3. Hi Jo,
    I’d like to talk with you about the possibility of you doing a presentation for Pieceables in Lynden. We meet the third Tuesday eve each month. Let me know if possible.
    I enjoyed your eve at Running with Scissors.

  4. Jo, Where on your blog does it show your schedule of classes?

    • It’s not on my blog…..but on my website……www.quiltography.com/classes

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