Posted by: jbaner | August 9, 2017

Mini Wholecloth class

What a pitiful blogger I am!! Again, nearly 5 months since my last post. The good news is that I have been very busy, so I don’t think about blogging much. But recently I was sent a photo of a mini wholecloth quilt that one of my students did in a class I taught in June. So I wanted to share some photos of the class, the process, and her finished result. She did a really nice job!

To make a wholecloth quilt, you need to start with a design. Since I wanted my students to be able to accomplish and complete one easily, we made “mini’s” (the size of a fat quarter). I provided them with two different designs of simple sunflowers with leaves, or they could bring their own design. I had one student bring a rose. The others used the sunflowers. I also provided some fluffy polyester batting to provide more loft behind the flower. Everybody had a great time and all got a good start on their quilt.

Here’s Dawn’s almost finished quilt (stitching complete, still needs binding):

Dawns sunflower

She found as most do with dense quilting that the fabric can get distorted. That is why I recommend you starting out with a bigger piece than you want for the finished project. Next I recommend that you soak or “block” the quilt before attaching the binding. By submerging it in cold water, you can remove all the water soluble ink you used to mark the design and it will help with shrinking all the fibers at once. Roll it in a towel to take out all the excess water, then lay flat to dry. You can do this on a flat surface with a towel to absorb the rest of the moisture, or even on a design wall. You then use a tape measure and manipulate the fabric to make the design square. If doing it on a design wall, pin the edges to where you want them so they dry square. Then you can trim excess fabric off ensuring it is square. You can trim before blocking, too, if you prefer. Try both ways to see which works best for you. Then attach the binding.

Happy Stitching!!



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