Posted by: jbaner | March 13, 2017

Mini Wholecloth

It’s been nearly 4 months since I blogged. We had a long, cold, snowy, icy winter here in the Pacific Northwest. I had to deal with some health issues and now am feeling much much better and am getting creative again.

I teach a free-motion quilting class at a local sewing machine store. I’ve always wanted to follow it up with another class where students could put to use the skills they learned in that class. I’ve finally came up with a mini wholecloth class where the students can probably stitch the whole thing in one day. It took me about 3 hrs for the stitching and maybe an hour to prepare it.

Here’s a couple of designs I came up with:

This first one was done a light colored yellow/peach batik fabric. It pretty much reads as a solid. I started by drawing a circle in the center, then the petals of the flower, then the leaves. The rest is all free-motion without any markings, but of course, you could if you wanted to. I used a light cream colored thread, so the quilting is the star. I also used two layers of batting. The bottom Hobb’s 80/20 because that’s what I had. You could use a cotton one, too. Then I used a mid-loft polyester batting on top of that. It really makes the motif stand out around the thread.

Sunflower 1

Mini Wholecloth Sunflower Quilt

This second one I purposefully did on a not so solid reading batik. It has far more contrast and you can see how it distracts from the quilting itself. So to make a wholecloth, you really do need to stick to a solid or reads as a solid fabric. It doesn’t necessarily need to be light in value. I’ve seen striking wholcloths in darker colors. The thread color really does play a huge role. It all depends on how you want it to look. I used a light to medium peach colored thread for this one for the flower and a light green for the stem, leaves, and background.

Sunflower 2

Mini Wholecloth Sunflower 2 Quilt

Free-motion quilting is so much fun and I love to see the designs pop out with just the use of threads on a plain whole fabric. Don’t you?

I’ll be teaching this class at Quality Sewing in Bellingham, WA in May….so if you’re in the area and are interested, please contact them to sign up. See you there!

Happy Quilting!




  1. If only! But here I am down in OR drowning in all the rain! LOVE your designs, you are SUCH an amazing artist…Imwant to be you! 😉

    • Thank you Ridgely…..wish you could be here. We’re drowning in rain here, too!

  2. I would like to know where your classes are. I am trying to teach myself, but thinking my learning curve could be steeper if i took a class from you. Especially at my age! Dawn La Turco

    On Mar 13, 2017 8:04 PM, “Jo Baner’s Quiltography Blog” wrote:

    > jbaner posted: “It’s been nearly 4 months since I blogged. We had a long, > cold, snowy, icy winter here in the Pacific Northwest. I had to deal with > some health issues and now am feeling much much better and am getting > creative again. I teach a free-motion quilting class” >

    • Hi Dawn..
      I’m teaching at Quality Sewing in Bellingham, WA. You can google their website for more information or call them. Would love to have you in class if you’re in the vicinity.

  3. Please let me know where I might get the pattern for your Sunbonnet Sue quilt. It is truly amazing! Thank you!

    • Hi Pat….
      I’m not sure where you saw the Sunbonnet Sue….I don’t have one in my gallery on my website…..perhaps you saw it in an old blog post. If so, it was made by a client and I did the quilting on it. I’m sorry I don’t know where you can find that pattern. Hopefully you searched the internet. I can’t even find it on my blog!

      • Jo, I don’t know how I found the SunBonnet Sue on your blog – but it is there – under some older year. I have been searching everywhere – absolutely love it. I would so love to find the pattern. If someone has it, perhaps they will respond. Thank you! And yes, this summer I may be up near Bellingham, and I will try to get into one of your classes!

      • If I can find it and the client, I’ll ask and get back to you. Right now I have one class scheduled in May and one in June. Summer is usually not good for classes, but you can check my website where I”ll post any new ones. Thank you!

      • Thank you, Jo. I will try to keep in touch – and would appreciate any help you can give me. Do you have a separate website, and if so, what is the site called?

        Pat Olson

      • Sweet Sunbonnet Sue was posted to your blog on June 27, 2014. So happy I found it again! Perhaps I can locate the person who designed it, and see if she would share her pattern. Thank you so much for posting it! And I must tell you – your work is simply gorgeous … I have enjoyed all of your postings of what you have designed and created. You truly are one of the best artists I have ever seen! Thank you again!

      • I meant to say that it was Janet Eerkes that pieced the Sunbonnet Sue that you posted in your June, 2014 blog. If you have information on how I could contact her, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  4. my website is

  5. Thank you, Pat! I’ll contact Janet and see how I can get the two of you talking.

    • Thank you so much, Jo. I found her on Facebook, but since we aren’t
      “friends” I was unable to contact her through her Facebook page. So I will really appreciate it if you could contact her and ask her to email me at

  6. OK…I’ll send her your email

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