Posted by: jbaner | November 20, 2016

Creating depth

I haven’t blogged since September…..can’t believe how busy I’ve been and just haven’t gotten to it. But hanging on my design wall are three little pieces I did as an exercise for my ongoing class with Hollis Chatelain. She wanted us to create depth in a small piece with just threads. We were free to choose our own subject. It could be abstract, pictorial, landscape, etc….

I have been fascinated with portraits for a while now, so I decided to do one with threads. I found a great photo that had just the eyes showing. I chose a medium blue as my background fabric (we could choose anything). The first one was done with a range of values of grays with black as the darkest and white and the lightest. It is 7″ wide by 5″ high.


The second one is done with a range of values of blue since that is the color of the background fabric. (sorry the exposures didn’t turn out the same, but the fabrics are all the same)


The third is using whatever colors I wanted as long as I used the full range of values from dark to light.

All colors

This was a great exercise and it’s pretty obvious that depth is created with using a full range of values (dark to light). I like the third one the best and feel there’s the most depth in it. I feel the second one with all blues has the least amount of depth even though I used the full range of values. So that brings in the idea of contrast. I think having colors from both sides of the color wheel also added to the depth. The first one with the gray, black and white again had a full range of values. It may have had more depth on a different colored background fabric…..maybe something I should try to find out! If I can find the time and motivation, I’ll do it and send you a follow up.

Hopefully, this has been useful to you and motivates you regarding how you choose fabric and thread colors in your own quilting.

Happy Quilting!




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