Posted by: jbaner | August 28, 2016

Adding to Your Backing for a Longarm Quilter

Thank you….this is so well written. I’m reblogging this for my followers from Heartbeat Quilting. It is difficult to center something on the back and when adding a “frame” on the back… never comes out even. The reason for this? We longarmers can’t see it for one, and two, we can’t account for the distance of rolling on the bars or the shrinkage that occurs with the quilting. Hope this helps explain all that.



  1. But adding the 8″ all around isn’t so bad. That extra backing fabric is great to use for a sleeve. Added bonus, it already is the right color. It will have the length. Maybe you will have to piece the top and bottom extra fabric, but that seam can be hidden under the sleeve and isn’t it nice to have the quilt ready for a show?
    Another choice is to choose a backing fabric that you don’t mind having extra strips of. For example, you wish to make a log cabin quilt. Choose a light colored backing for the next quilt and cut the excess fabric in the desired log width for your log cabin project. 1 1/2″ strips will give you a lot of logs.

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