Posted by: jbaner | April 15, 2016

Drawing class with Karen Hull

I’m continuing to get better with my drawing skills so that I can translate them into art quilts. Last weekend I spent two days with Karen Hull from Australia who is a master with colored pencils. She shared her techniques for how to make realistic fur on a cat and piercing blue eyes with lots of depth. I knew that layering was important, but didn’t realize just how many layers you can use depending on the drawing “paper” you use. She prefers drafting film which is very smooth and semi-transparent. You can build up layers on both sides of the film to really create depth. So now I’m in love with drawing with colored pencils as well as graphite and thread on fabric. So much to do, so little time!!

I want to share with you the cat that I drew in the class. I was thrilled with the results.

Karen Hull cat1

Here’s a few more photos from the class….one with me and Karen, and a couple of all the students drawings. Some did not finish, but it’s remarkable how different they look with the individual techniques used by each student.

Karen Hull class cats 1

Karen Hull class cats 2

Karen Hull and Jo



  1. WOW. Impressive. I think your drawing looks like a photograph!

    • thanks Diana….I’m really drawn to the hyper-realistic drawings.

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