Posted by: jbaner | October 19, 2015

Thread Painting Class

Last Saturday I taught a class on thread painting at Quality Sewing in Bellingham, WA. I had three very enthusiastic students who jumped right in and did very well. One student had nearly no free motion quilting experience and she did very well! They didn’t finish, but got a lot done in just one day. Here’s a few pictures of our results:

Group photo at end of class

Group photo at end of class

I like that Giuliana went “outside the box” when it came to thread color. Can’t wait to see it finished!

Giuliana's cat

Giuliana’s cat

Kathy had little to no experience with free motion quilting and did quite well.

Kathy's sunflower

Kathy’s sunflower

Jackie came close to finishing her bird in class.

Jackie's toucan

Jackie’s toucan

I thought this might be the last time I teach this class because I only had 3 sign up. But since the class I have received more interest, so perhaps I will do it again in the new year. If you’re interested, either let me know or call Quality Sewing to express your interest so we can find a good time to schedule again. It really is a lot of fun.

Here’s a couple of the “paintings” I have done in the past:

"Bear and Mikkie" A bit of a challenge to do completely black dogs!

“Bear and Mikkie” A bit of a challenge to do completely black dogs!



Elliot the hairless cat

Elliot the hairless cat

The next three quilts were done on my longarm

Aboriginal woman

Aboriginal woman

"Back off Buddy"

“Back off Buddy”

"Ecstasy at Midnight"

“Ecstasy at Midnight”

You don’t need any drawing experience to do this kind of quilting! It’s easy….it’s fun!

Happy quilting!



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