Posted by: jbaner | August 15, 2015

Serenity….my latest art quilt

This little quilt was made for an exercise in an ongoing class I’m in. We were to portray the emotion that we usually feel in the morning. Since one of the first things I do is meditate, this seemed most appropriate. It gets me centered and ready to take on the day in peace. It is 22×14. The figure is totally black fabric raw edge appliqued to my hand-dyed fabric in the background. All the details are done in thread.





  1. Jo…T
    I feel this is your best work yet – in the thread work (embroidery?) area. It imparts to me exactly what you stated. Beautiful.

    • Thanks….Diana. It’s really thread sketching. Not really embroidery like I’ve done the cats and dogs. The fabric on those don’t show through. On this one the threads are far enough apart to see the fabric beneath. I like this way of doing it a lot! I learned this from Hollis Chatelain.

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