Posted by: jbaner | May 6, 2015

Floral Fantasy – my latest art quilt

I belong to the Evergreen Quilters Guild and they issued a challenge last year to the members as well as the members of the sister guild in White Rock, BC.  We have a luncheon every year and this year it was hosted by them in White Rock. The challenge was to use a template that looked like a dress form. The quilt could be any size and we could alter the size of the dress, but not the shape. At the last minute (just a week or so before the lunch), I decided the dress form looked like a flower petal. So I cut out 7 of them from hand-dyed fabric, lined them up in a circle and appliqued them to a background fabric. I added a solid yellow fabric for the center of the flower. I found in my stash a wonderful butterfly fabric which I thought was perfect for showing off the flower. I machine quilted the flower down and densely quilted the background, outlining the butterflies. After quilting, I added some beads in the center.

Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy

Close up of center

Close up of center

This photo was taken before I attached the beads…..still trying out what looked good! There were three categories for prizes: 1) the prettiest  2) the most intriguing  3) funniest

I’m please that mine was awarded “The prettiest”. I wish I had taken pictures of the others because they were so cute! But all three prizes went to Evergreen members!


  1. way to go, girl! It is very nice, and absolutely must have been the prettiest one! Congrats to all the winners. How nice that they all were in your group. miss you a lot, Jo, but glad you are doing well, and making pretty things!

  2. You are incredibly creative and brave to tackle this beautiful project only a week before the luncheon. It is, and you are, so inspirational. Thankful that you are feeling well enough to be doing what you love.

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