Posted by: jbaner | June 28, 2014

The ’39

Wow….this quilt has been a long time coming! I was asked by an old high school buddy if I could make a quilt of a very dear old car of his that he had to sell about a decade ago and misses very much. I have very fond memories of this car from my high school days, so attempting to make this quilt was a pleasure. After reviewing many, many pictures of this car and several like it, we decided to do the front on view of the car. I especially like this view because of the large round fenders and stand alone lights. Because I have been asked, I will tell you that is it made totally of fabric. The license plate is the only photo transfer I used because of size and detail. The shading and highlights on the car were created with inks. The grill and fender is made of lame (la-may) which I may never use again. It then sat in my studio for about 3 months as I tried to come up with the background. The trees and tree branches were made of thread and then appliqued onto the background. Threads were used to create the tree trunks and road with inks to enhance them. This has been a very fun and satisfying project to do. Hope you like it as much as I do!

The '39 full view

The ’39 full view


Upper half detail

Upper half detail


The '39 license detail

The ’39 license detail


lower half of car detail

lower half of car detail



  1. Fantastic! We had one like that when I was a kid. Beautiful job!

    • Thanks, Jody!

  2. Awh, finally and beautifully completed. Am certain your buddy will love it! Nice for him to have this memory. I know I sure miss my ’34 Ford coupe.

    • Thanks, Patty…it did take a while, yes?

  3. Roy just took a look and as a car lover thinks you have done a fantastic job. So do I.

    • Thanks, Joyce and Roy! I loved doing it…

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