Posted by: jbaner | March 16, 2014

Spring is around the corner (I hope)

Here we are in the middle of March and I am anxiously awaiting for warmer, drier weather to descend. But since spring is just around the corner, that means the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is only weeks away. In honor of the Tulip Festival, I have made a quilt to hang in the Ann Hardee Gallery in LaConner, WA. This has been fun to do with all it’s bright colors.

A Splash of Tulips

A Splash of Tulips

This was great fun to make.  I started this piece by insetting the small inner yellow border into the background fabric. The next step was to mount it on my longarm and quilt the background with straight vertical rows with a blue/yellow variegated thread, which gives it the illusion of rain. All the rest of the sewing was done on my longarm. The flowers and stems are appliqued onto the background with turned edges and a narrow straight stitch around the edges. The tulips themselves were shaded and painted with inks prior to appliqueing them onto the background. The shading was further accented with thread painting on both the flowers and the leaves. Once all the quilting/thread sketching was completed, it was removed from the frame, trimmed and a two color machine binding was applied.

I hope you enjoyed a little preview of spring……

Happy Quilting..




  1. Nice work Jo!

    • thanks, Leslie!

  2. Jo, that is beautiful!

    • Thanks, Jan…’ll be “home” soon!!

  3. Jo, it is exciting to watch you implement new techniques you have learned into your work; like the ink painting on these gorgeous tulips. Speaking of tulips, I requested a festival brochure yesterday as I am planning to spend a day or two in the valley during that time. Need your input on a project so may be contacting you.

    • Thanks, Diana….yes, give me a call…happy to do what I can.

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