Posted by: jbaner | March 2, 2014

“Wild Quilts” show

Journey's End: The Bridge of the Gods

Journey’s End: The Bridge of the Gods

This is my rendition of images I took from reading Cheryl Strayed’s book “Wild”. Last fall Fourth Corner Quilts partnered with Whatcom Reads in Bellingham to promote reading of the book “Wild” and then issued a challenge to create a quilt from the images that stood out for the reader. The shop gave away a piece of pine-cone and needles fabric that had to be used on the top. In January, there were about 33 or 34 quilts turned in, which were then displayed  in various libraries around the county until February 24 when they were brought together at the Mt.Baker theater to be displayed during a talk from author Cheryl Strayed. Despite the very snowy evening, the theater was packed with about 1000 people! I was amazed at the turnout. The public was given the opportunity to vote for their favorite quilt. I was surprised and honored to have won first place! There were so many wonderful quilts. There were a lot of people so picture taking was tricky at best. But I”ll share with you want I did get.

In second place was Francie Gass’s “Evolution of a PCT Hiker”. You really have to read the book to get the meaning of this quilt. But it had a lot of meaning to Cheryl and she gratefully accepted it as a gift to her. Hers is the one in the middle of this group just to the right of the woman. I’m sorry I didn’t get a full picture of it.

Evolution of a PCT Hiker (right of the woman in the middle)

Evolution of a PCT Hiker (right of the woman in the middle)

In third place was “Challenges and Fears” by Virginia Koker. Part of this quilt was painted with Shiva oil paintsticks. I know this because Virginia participated in a class I taught in November called “From Image to Cloth”. She did a great job and obviously many others believed so, too!

"Challenges and Fear" by Virginia Koker (the top one)

“Challenges and Fear” by Virginia Koker (the top one)

I”m sorry I didn’t get pictures of them all….just too many people to get a clear shot, but I did get a few more that I will share here:

"Bobbi" by Jan Furrenes

“Bobbi” by Jan Furrenes

"End in Sight"  by Donna Carley

“End in Sight” by Donna Carley

group of quilts

group of quilts

group of quilts

group of quilts

All the winners received gift certificates from Fourth Corner Quilts, for which I can’t wait to go shopping! Yay!!

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  1. Wow!  You are so very talented JO! Love your Blog!  Kathy

    • Thanks, Kathy….just a passion of mine!

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