Posted by: jbaner | November 21, 2013

Room for one More on Top

WhooHoo!! The Moonlight Quilters Guild issued a challenge a couple of months ago to create a black and white quilt with up to 10% of a third color. I knew the moment I heard of the challenge what I wanted to do.
Last spring I did a colored pencil painting of a mother swan with her babies on her back for another challenge on a painting website. I completed that challenge by using a photo reference from about 30 that were presented. It was great fun and lo and behold it was black and white with less than 10% of a third color! I did not place in that challenge, but I entered that painting in the NW Washington fair in Lynden and won a 2nd place in the adult non-professional division! I was thrilled about that.
So from that painting, I decided I would create it once again in fabric. Originally I was going to applique the swans onto a black background, but as time was running short, I decided to paint once again. So I used black fabric paint on white fabric to paint in the negative space around the swans and their reflections, with just a touch of orange paint for the beak. Then I machine quilted it on the longarm to create the texture of the feathers in the swans and movement in the black water. I finished it off with an orange stopper in the binding.
Needless to say, I was again thrilled to have won first place by a vote of the membership in this challenge. I’m contemplating entering it in a big show…..we’ll see.
So the first photo is the painted whole cloth quilt.

Room for One More on Top

Room for One More on Top

The second photo is the colored pencil painting without it’s frame.

Room for One More

Room for One More on Top (colored pencil painting)


  1. Bravo Jo!! Certainly worthy of the blue ribbon you received.

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