Posted by: jbaner | October 13, 2013

Back from MQX in Portland, OR

What a great 2 days I had in Portland! MQX didn’t disappoint. There seemed to be less vendors there, but the quilt show was great. Less traditional and more art, pictorial and innovative quilts. Of course, these were all quilted by machine, both longarm and domestic machines. I have a few pictures to share of some that I really liked. This first one won first place in the Solo Artist category. It was made by Andrea Brokenshire of Round Rock, TX. It is called Dazzling Dahlia….and indeed it was! It was quilted on a Bernina 820.

Dazzling Dahlia by Andrea Brokenshire

Dazzling Dahlia by Andrea Brokenshire

Another favorite was a group quilt pieced by 7 quilters:



There was a featured artist: Melody Johnson. Her quilts were very colorful and what I liked about them is that she used a lot of fabric with true hues or clear colors. Here is an example:

Melody Johnson

Melody Johnson

I also took two classes while I was there. The first was with Linda Taylor. She demonstrated how to use lots of free motion fillers in a traditional Dresden fan block. The class wasn’t what I expected, but none the less, I did learn a few new fillers, so it was a good experience. However I didn’t take any pictures in that class. Did you know she has been longarm quilting for 20 years? She has been celebrating that anniversary this year and each class participant walked out with a mug commemorating the event.

The second class I took was with Deloa Jones. It was all about borders. I felt I needed some new things to put into my repertoire and this class did not disappoint! I learned a lot of new things from her. And what I liked the most is that they were all relatively simple to do and looked fantastic! Just a few tricks I had never thought of before. So I am looking forward to loading some fabric to make some new samples! At the end of the class she quilted this little chicken freehand… cute. Unfortunately, I was not the lucky winner who walked away with this class sample!

Deloa's chicken

Deloa’s chicken

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