Posted by: jbaner | October 7, 2013

LaConner Quiltfest wrap up

Well….the Quiltfest looked to be a great success. Unfortunately I could not report back with pictures because they were not allowed at the show venues. To my amazement, I found there was a preponderance of art quilts, pictorial quilts, and only a few traditional quilts. Of the traditional ones, there was one that blew me away with the machine quilting. It received an honorable mention, which I was very happy to see.

The class with Joen Wolfrom was awesome. She really has a lot of practical knowledge in color theory. She has a book out called “Color Play” and also the 3 in 1 tool that you can tuck in your purse to help you choose your color palette for your next quilt at the quilt shops. The class really helped clarify how to use that tool!

Casablanca by Jan Furrenes

Casablanca by Jan Furrenes

The quilt walk is still going on for the rest of this week. All the quilts are from the Evergreen Quilters of Bellingham. I was short on time to wander into many of the shops and therefore did not get any of those pictures either, except for the one (shown above) that was hanging in the lobby of the museum to promote the walk. It was made by a friend of mine, Jan Furrenes of Bellingham/Yuma.

Next week I’ll report back from my visit to MQX in Portland coming up the end of the week!

Til then…



  1. Was it the peacock quilt that blew you away? I only got through one of the venues, so I didn’t see all of them. The one that just dropped my jaw was the black/blue broken dishes quilt. It had red and gold little snippets that made kind of a broken star in the middle. I hope to have a couple of quilt tops for you soon, but I still need to get my schedule together. Are you getting booked up for Christmas/January? Thanks!

    Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 04:08:00 +0000 To:

  2. I don’t remember the peacock…..the one that really blew me away with the quilting was a peach colored traditional quilt…I don’t even remember the pattern or the maker. It was in the garden building.
    Sally, give me a call or send an email….I’ll put you on the list! Can easily get them done before Christmas!

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