Posted by: jbaner | August 11, 2013

Black Cherries – a colored pencil painting

I haven’t posted any of my drawings for a while…..been busy quilting! But I do find time on some evenings and weekends to get the pencils out. In July I picked black cherries from this huge cherry tree in the orchard out by the pond in our backyard. They were so sweet and delicious. But when they ripen, they do so quickly and I only got a few jars canned and a bowl for munching before the birds, worms, and sun got to them!

I also got my camera out and took some pictures, one of which I really loved and decided to do in colored pencils. It took me a while to start it because even though it seems simple to just “paint by number”, there were no numbers to tell me which colors to use. So I experimented a lot with the various colors I have in the pencils and learned to layer them to achieve the color, value and shading to make it look real.

I actually found myself feeling anxious to begin. Do any of you feel anxious before you start a quilt? I certainly do when I have no pattern or specific directions to get me started. But on the other hand when I do have those things, I usually get bored quickly, so I have abandoned pretty much in using patterns at all, except for the ones I make myself…….I digress…..

So back to the cherries. Once I got started, I really enjoyed the process and learned a lot about color, value, transparency, and intensity. In my journey as an artist, I find that fascinating and am trying to apply what I learn to fabric….a much different medium! But then, there will be so much more to explore and learn…what it’s all about for me. So here is the finished piece. It is about 7.5″x 12″.

Black Cherries - full view

Black Cherries – full view

And I cropped it so you can see the cherries up close…you can also see the pencil strokes and various colors better and even some of the white of paper coming through which is something I still need to learn to master, but as a beginner I can forgive myself those inconsistencies….isn’t that what learning is all about????

Black Cherries - detail view

Black Cherries – detail view



  1. You continue to improve with each piece you post. The cherries look so clean and shiny!! The birds can’t get these.

  2. Jo, I had no idea you could do this as well. You are already so talented with quilting, and then this? Such detail, can’t wait to see what’s next.

  3. thanks, Patty and Marc…..sorry it’s taken so long to get back to my blog…busy, busy, busy!

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