Posted by: jbaner | June 17, 2013

My annual trek to Oregon….Master’s Art Class with Hollis Chatelain

I made my annual trek to Oregon on June 1 to spend 4 1/2 days with Hollis to learn more about the use of color in my artwork to express emotion. Needless to say, it was an emotional week! A lot was felt and a lot was learned about myself and my work. It was tough at times, but worth every minute for the growth in has given me. I’m not going to explain in detail these small quilts we made since I failed nearly every assignment…but so much was learned from the mistakes!

The first one was suppose to hit you in the face with color that it would just stop you at first glance and not even want to go further into it……I failed that one. My design and color choices draw you in.

Color to stop you (not)

Color to stop you (not)

The next day we were to create a quilt that drew you into it with the color and design. My first attempt before the critique:

Color and design to draw you in before the critique

Color and design to draw you in before the critique

The “fixed” version after the critique….a bit more interesting, don’t you think?:

Draw you in...after the critique

Draw you in…after the critique

Day 3 was a response to a photo which I don’t have to show you and I’ll just let you respond to it without an explanation from me:

Response to photo

Response to photo

Day 4 was suppose to be simple form with complex action, for which I simply overlooked the action part of it and only did the form. I really like this one even if I didn’t fulfill the assignment as such!

Man behind bars...simple form

Man behind bars…simple form



  1. Hi Jo it won’t let me leave a comment because i don’t have a wordpress account. however – i like them all. day 3 to me shows chaos to calm or maybe a life split in two. now i really want to know what the photo was. maggie

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