Posted by: jbaner | May 15, 2013

Two more fun client quilts

This first quilt was pieced by Jan Furrenes. She made it for her grandson Jacob’s graduation. Of course the pattern is Jacob’s ladder which she planned to do for many years. She pulled all the fabrics from her stash and I quilted it up in time for her to finish the binding and get it to her grandson for the big event. This time I combined two different edge to edge designs which I believe worked out really well.

Jacob's Jacobs Ladder full view

Jacob’s Jacobs Ladder full view

Jacob's Jacobs Ladder - detail view

Jacob’s Jacobs Ladder – detail view

This next quilt was pieced by Carolyn Hanson. I love the scrappiness of this quilt and the back is a cozy flannel. I chose to use green thread and do an edge to edge meandering fern design. I also like how the scrappy colors sink into the background with the light cross blocks really come forward. Very striking.

Carolyn's scrap quilt- full view

Carolyn’s scrap quilt- full view

Detail of scrappy quilt

Detail of scrappy quilt



  1. They did a really nice job piecing but your expert quilting totally enhances them!

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