Posted by: jbaner | March 27, 2013

First colored portrait

OK….I’m on a roll. Had to take the time to draw a portrait in color. THE most challenging thing I’ve done so far, because skin tone is difficult. There isn’t just one color of pencil to use. You must mix and blend and choose wisely. I don’t think this is great, but it’s not really bad, either. I painted it for a challenge on another website called “Paint my Photo” : And yes, colored pencil drawings are properly called “paintings”. After all, the pencils are made of oil, wax and other similar contents of paint, just in a different form. They are as challenging to use as any other medium. I like them because they are not as messy and very portable. I still have much to learn about them. So when I get frustrated or stuck with a quilting project, I’ll take a break and work on a painting instead. They are so easy to pick up and put down with no trouble at all! Next I’ll post my most recent quilting project…..

Lauren...a colored pencil painting

Lauren…a colored pencil painting


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