Posted by: jbaner | March 27, 2013

“Bottles” (WIP)

So I have finally gotten back to working on a quilt of my own. Mainly because I was reminded that we were suppose to (optionally) create something in any media using the principles of color that I learned in my Master Arts series class with Hollis Chatelain last June. My next class is coming up real soon this June. Even though the assignments are optional, I decided I really wanted to apply at least one principle to a quilt. I chose to use “Transparencies”. I did find a reference photo for inspiration to look at when creating “bottles”, but using fabric and looking at a photo of the real thing with special lighting and trying to recreate it…well, it’s simply a challenge! So I’m posting my WIP (work in progress) which I’ve never done in the past. But I have found that to be an invaluable practice of others doing CP paintings, because I learn so much from them. So here are a few photos of how I got started.

bottles with mottled grey background

bottles with mottled grey background

bottles on black background

bottles on black background

bottles on shiny silver background

bottles on shiny silver background

I started by cutting out the bottles in the desired colors. Then I had to find the correct color for the ‘transparency’ which is the area that the bottles overlap. Granted, photos just never show all the details and computer monitors can differ in colors, so you have to take that into consideration in viewing these photos. Then I auditioned the background and found I liked the black the best. So the following photo has the finished bottles sewn onto the black background. The bottles are turned edge machine appliqued. I embellished the bottoms with inks and you can see the white reflection on the shoulders of a couple of the bottles, but didn’t show up on all of them….the nature of inks. So I will put the reflection highlights in with thread. There is no quilting on this quilt yet, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see the finished product.

finished bottles on black with no quilting yet

finished bottles on black with no quilting yet



  1. You’re further along than me! I don’t know what I am going to do for the homework assignment yet. I think your transparencies look good Jo. I had a really hard time with that lesson in the class.

  2. Thanks, Les….you’ll come up with something!

  3. The tall bottle added on the far left is a nice surprise. I love that they look
    like they are suspended in unison. Nice detail on bottom of each bottle. Yes, black background is the best choice. Very Contempo!!

  4. Wait til you see the quilting, Patty! At least I hope I can execute what I have in my mind, anyway!

  5. Really nice

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