Posted by: jbaner | January 24, 2013

Three more quilts to Useppa Island, FL

I finished the last thee quilts for a group of artists on Useppa Island, FL. These were smaller and fun to do.

Sail Away

Sail Away

Jewel of the Sea

Jewel of the Sea

Felted Leaves

Felted Leaves



  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. Do you know anything about the guidelines (if any) that these quilters had to follow? Nearly all of the quilts
    (including your earlier photos) have that same tiny, white border/flange. Very effective on most of them. As always, your quilting is gorgeous!
    I miss you.

    • They only made the blocks. They are not quilters. I put them all together with the sashing and borders. The coordinator and I worked together in the beginning as to how she wanted them set. I continued to do the same thing because it was simple enough, but not blah….lol.

  2. Your quilting truly enhances these, nice job!

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