Posted by: jbaner | December 29, 2012

Up and Running!

Well, I’ve been up and running since Black Friday after Thanksgiving….probably why I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been busy finishing up some quilts for client which I will put in my next post. All the while, I was getting to know the community around here. I attended two guild Christmas parties. The first was at the Red Rock Quilters in Sedona and the other was with the Quail Country Quilters in Cottonwood. I then attended a group of artists who meet monthly also to share their art and ways to market and venues to sell their wares in. That was fun, too. So it has been a busy month. I’m ready to take on a lot more client quilts, so next week I’m out to let everyone know I’m open for more business. For my clients back in Bellingham, I’m wide open and can offer a quick turn around with free return shipping for the first six months of 2013. Restricted to your first 3 shippings. While I”m waiting, I’ve been working on some UFO’s. I’ll post some pictures on that later, too.

New Studio in Cornville house

New Studio in Cornville house



  1. What a great studio Jo!,

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