Posted by: jbaner | October 13, 2012

Wrapping things up

We finally have sold our house and are just waiting for the final papers to be signed. After that we leave for Cottonwood, AZ. I have had days of overwhelm as I have done some serious packing, cleaning, selling and throwing out of stuff over the past few weeks. And on top of that I am continuing to quilt and have just a few more client quilts left to finish. I am also in the middle of teaching my last beginning quilting class at Fourth Corner Quilts. I have 9 great students, so this is a great send off for me. I am also planning on attending the MQX show in Portland, Or this coming week, too! Can I get anymore things stuffed into my schedule? I’m looking forward to warm dry weather since fall has officially arrived here in Bellingham with wind and rain and a few sun breaks to boot today! Tomorrow’s suppose to be nasty. Enjoy a few pictures of my students in class.

Beginning Quilting Class

Happy students

Enjoying the process

Hard at work


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