Posted by: jbaner | September 14, 2012

SOLD! Reflections of Mt.Shuksan

No not the house….but my latest art quilt……Reflections of Mt.Shuksan. I do believe that it is my favorite quilt so far. It was sold through Allied Arts who had displayed it at the Hotel Belwether which I was going to blog about this past week, but just hadn’t gotten to it. Now I have something to say! Yeah! This is quite a thrill for me. I have included some pictures of the quilts at the Belwether and I apologize for the not so good lighting, but you get the picture. I actually didn’t see them all because I didn’t want to gawk and take pictures with patrons in the restaurant. Then today I received a call from Katie at Allied Arts announcing the sale to a gentleman from Houston, Tx. He apparently grew up in this area and really like the quilt as a nice reminder of his hometown. I am honored and pleased that is going to be appreciated by a patron of the arts!

Reflections of Mt.Shuksan

Reflections hanging at the Hotel Belwether

Hallway at Hotel Belwether

Other side of hallway at the Belwether



  1. Whoohoo!

  2. OMG! I’m so excited for you! Not the house, but the next best thing!

  3. Great news! Congratulations Jo.

  4. Congratulations! What a beautiful piece.

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