Posted by: jbaner | June 9, 2012

Oregon Gardens

I returned this past week from a 5 day class with Hollis Chatelain called “The Art of Color”. It was a very challenging class for which I learned a lot. It is not easy to give you a synopsis of the class, but what I did find challenging was the design and composition aspect of it. Besides color (which attracts most viewers), the design and composition of a piece is vital to it’s success as well as value and basic color theory concepts. But despite struggling to get my assignments done each night before the start of class the next day, I truly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to next year when we will be working with fabric! I hope that as time goes on you will see my personal work evolve and improve.
I did get up every morning early to take a walk in the garden with Leslie and Hollis to get some exercise and enjoy the gardens with good friends. So I have included a few pictures of this absolutely gorgeous piece of the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy!


  1. It was wonderful to spend the week with you taking such a challenging class. It really stretched us both and pushed us to learn. I’m looking forward to next year!

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