Posted by: jbaner | May 20, 2012

Some new client quilts

Our move is coming along. Our house is now listed and we are living in a clean staged house! Love that, except for the part of cleaning everyday! But I am also quilting like crazy and loving that part of my day. I have a few pictures of client quilts that I have done over the past month or so since my last post. I realized today that’s it’s been nearly a month! So sorry about that. I hope you enjoy these quilts.

The first is one of a Mexican star. That was really fun to do. It was pieced by Carolyn Hanson, who did an excellent job. I really enjoyed the quilting.Image


The next one is “Courthouse Steps” pieced by Dorothy Goff. Really loved doing this one. She asked for a paisley design allover and I thought it has the same effect as feathers only different. I did a “funky” feather in the border.




I have one more that I really had fun doing. It was a pinwheel quilt pieced by Sue Conlon. I used a bright pink thread and did “wonky” circles all over. She thought it was fun for such a cute and bright quilt.



I hope you have enjoyed seeing these wonderful quilts and how I quilted them. They were a joy to do. I hope to post more soon (in between the cleaning and packing)!


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