Posted by: jbaner | April 21, 2012

Moving South….to Arizona!

This post is for my faithful subscribers…..I am sorry I haven’t posted lately, but my life has bee extremely busy. My husband and I are moving south to sunny Arizona. He was offered a wonderful opportunity to set up his business in the Verde Valley Wellness Clinic. So we are busy packing and preparing the house for selling. We are close to putting it on the market.

But in the meantime, I am busy quilting. I have a lot of quilts coming in and I plan to continue to quilt until the day I have to pack up my studio. Once the days are numbered after we have accepted an offer and we know the closing date, then I will let you all know when my last day here will be. Good news is that the quilting community in Cottonwood is pretty active, so I intend to set up my business down there and keep it going. For those of you who still want me to quilt for you, we can correspond by phone and email and of course USPS will work for getting quilts back and forth.

So I don’t have any new quilts of my own to show you and I have not taken pictures of recent client quilts, either, so unfortunately I little to share with you in that way. However, when I need to relax and have some “me” time, I still love to draw and I have done a few drawings, so I will share that with you here.
The first one is of a little 5 yr old girl, although she looks older in the drawing to me. I have yet to find out how to capture the youthful look!
The second one is of a woman with a 3/4 profile view wearing glasses. This one was done in charcoal instead of graphite pencil…not as much detail….still learning!
Hope you enjoy my drawings!


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