Posted by: jbaner | March 5, 2012

Self Portrait

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve posted a blog! In the past month I attended the Master Art Series class with Hollis Chatelain. This third class in drawing was on portraiture. I learned a lot and it was so much fun! We drew from live models which was a first for me and on the last day we had to do a self portrait looking in a mirror. Needless to say, that was quite a challenge and I found that I looked very old. Now you would think, since I was drawing I could at least make myself look younger….but that was not the case and fortunately for you, I will not post that picture. However, our homework assignment was to do another self portrait when we got home, to have it done before our next class in June. So instead of drawing from a mirror, I took several photos of myself and chose the one I liked the best and then did a drawing. I think there are things I could improve, but decided I needed to stop, so here it is:

Jo - self portrait Feb 2012



  1. Nice work Jo.

  2. Bravo Jo!
    Hollis said she could teach anyone to draw, you are living proof! Your self portrait is wonderful.

  3. Thanks! I may still do some work on it…still hard to put all the shading in everywhere….but still learning….

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