Posted by: jbaner | November 11, 2011

End of Beginning Quilting Class

Well the four weeks of this class just flew by! I had 7 wonderful students who all did magnificently! In this class they learned the basics starting with grain of fabric, fabric choice (color/value), rotary cutting, sewing a 1/4″ seam, sewing a four patch, setting blocks on point, attaching borders, pin basting the sandwich, stitch in the ditch quilting, and binding! Whew, a lot to learn in just four lessons, but all seemed to have a good time and all came out with a (nearly) finished table runner. They just have the hand sewing of the binding to finish at home after this class. This picture has Joy missing (we missed you) but from left to right is Jill, Jennifer, Martha, Emily, Audrey, and Claudia. What a great group of women…..may you all get hooked on quilting!

Beginning quilting students with finished table runners



  1. Your students must be so proud of themselves! They did some really nice work!

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