Posted by: jbaner | October 5, 2011

OOPS! Need to repost my video

Wow….I’m on a steep learning curve about filming, editing, and producing a quality video. I did pretty well until I learned that the music had a copyright, so I pulled it from You Tube and remixed the music with royalty free music from Kevin McLeod. So here is my new excerpt, which is the same in content, just the music is different. But because I pulled the other one, I lost my rating with views, so to all my friends and followers, I ask that you take another view and give me a thumbs up to help me rise in the ratings! Thanks to all of you who viewed my first one. I had nearly 300 views in four days! That amazed me. I’m working hard between quilting for clients to get this DVD finished by the end of the month… stay tuned…and thanks again!


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