Posted by: jbaner | September 25, 2011

Thread Painting Class

Yesterday I taught a new class (for me) on thread painting. It was held at Fourth Corner Quilts in Bellingham, WA and I had 7 really great enthusiastic students! They all had a super picture to work from and recreate in a realistic way that photo in thread. I wasn’t sure how far they would get in a one day class, but it was amazing what they accomplished. So I have a few photos to share with you. Now remember these are works in progress and not even finished yet…but still amazing how far they got in about 6 hours! They promised me they would send me photos of the finished products so I can post them here, so stay tuned!

Donna painting a Macaw parrot

Donna having fun!

Patty working on a grape vine trunk (awesome)

Liz creating an Hibiscus flower (sorry I didn't get your face)

Joan making a sunflower

Valerie painting a maple leaf (Canadian, of course!)

Diane painting 'Mom and baby penguins'

Pam painting a group of sunflowers

Pam's sunflower

close up of hibiscus and the photo

Valerie's maple leaf in progress

Joan's sunflower in progress with photo

Diane’s pair of penguins still in progress


  1. I wish I could’ve taken your class, I bet it was wonderful!

  2. It was an awesome day and thank you for teaching it! I love that we were working from a realistic point of view!

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