Posted by: jbaner | September 1, 2011

New drawing from photo

Whew…it’s been a busy summer and have only done a little drawing. But managed to do one the other day. I started by using a background grid to keep everything in proportion and then found that I wasn’t even looking at it! That was a big realization for me! I am beginning to see how shapes relate to each other in distance and proportion without the help of a grid. Can’t wait to do more with fabric! I have a couple of challenge quilts coming up, but can’t reveal them until they are revealed at the guilds and the voting is over.

Full portrait from photo



  1. Love the draping on the shirt.

    • thanks….that was one of my favorite exercises at Hollis’s class this year!

  2. Very nice, your work is getting better and better. Fabulous job on Jan’s quilt, it was amazing. I posted a few pics of your work on my blog, I hope you don’t mind!

    • Thanks, Sharon……I don’t mind at all…..but I don’t have your blog bookmarked, so please send me the link, so I can bookmark it! I’m going to post Jan’s quilt soon!

    • Thanks, Sharon….fun one to do! I found your Grassroots Quilting website, didn’t see a blog there….do you have another one? Jo

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