Posted by: jbaner | July 24, 2011

Self Portrait

One of our assignments this year for the Master Arts series with Hollis is to do a self portrait. I’ve been putting off doing a self portrait mainly because I just can’t find or take a photo of myself that I want to draw..HA! So I came across a photo of myself at the tender age of 22 taken by a friend of mine. The sun was high in the sky, so there were harsh shadows created on my face esp around the eyes, under the nose, and under the chin. As I was only looking at shapes, placements, and values, it was very strange. However as I focused on those things, the face emerged! I can’t wait to try this with my stitching.

Jo at 22


  1. I think it totally looks like you! Good job, I’m impressed! The shadows are so good too.

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