Posted by: jbaner | July 15, 2011

The Entry Way (a client quilt)

This is the latest of my quilts I finished for a client. It was pieced by Becky Darden, who did a great job. Very contemporary design for which I did a contemporary quilting style as well. I did free motion squares diagonally down the quilt from top left to bottom right in black thread which did not show well, but she agreed and had me stitch over with gold and add a few more squares. Made a huge difference! The circles lay behind the squares and come from all corners facing toward the center. Hope the pictures show some of that. Hard to get the lighting right on this one. But just had to share because it’s such a beautiful quilt.

Entry Way by Becky Darden

Entry Way detail

Entry Way detail 2



  1. Becky and Jo, you created a beauty! Of course, the colors are vibrant and alive. I think what appeals to me most is the geometrics of the fabric, squares and quilting. Basic shapes are so striking with the right size ratio, placement and color selection. Job well done.

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