Posted by: jbaner | June 1, 2011

Civil War quilt

This civil war quilt was pieced by a client of mine, who did a wonderful job at it. I really loved quilting it. I love quilting traditional quilts and this as quite a joy. This is called the Underground Railroad…a pattern used by the slaves to send messages to each other through the underground network.

Civil War Quilt

Civil War sailboat block

Civil War Quilt basket block



  1. You do some of the best long arm quilting!

  2. Thanks, Leslie! I really enjoy it!

  3. Becky called to tell me my quilt was on your blog. The authentic long-arm designs you used truly contributed genuineness to the project. I am so delighted that you enjoyed working on it; so did I. Historical fiction and true stories researched for this project drew me in; the human stories behind that time resulted in an awareness beyond generals, battles and politics. An excellent read, if interested, is Soul Catcher by Michael White, a compelling story about the nation’s torment over the issue of slavery.

    • Thanks, Diana…I’m so glad you like it. I will need to do more reading on the subject…seems to be fascinating!

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