Posted by: jbaner | February 10, 2011

Client Quilt

I have been so busy lately working on client quilts, that I have not had time to post. So here is one I did a few weeks ago. I loved that she allowed me to be creative and use contrasting thread! I did this bamboo motif all free hand in gold thread on black and then black on the printed areas. This quilt is called “Chinese Coins”. Next time I will take greater care in getting a really good photograph!

Chinese Coins

Detail 1 of Chinese Coins

Detail 2 of Chinese Coins



  1. So, you stop the machine at the end of one color and restart? Or you have two needles independant of each other?

    • Yes, I did all the gold thread on the black first and stopped whenever I came up to the printed fabric. Once all that was done, I changed to black thread and just continued the line where it was appropriate. It was done on my A-1 longarm machine all free hand continuous motion.

  2. I love your freehand bamboo Jo!

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