Posted by: jbaner | December 29, 2010

Drawing more eyes

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I was so busy quilting for clients right up until Christmas, I did not have time to draw or do any quilting of my own. I’m back to my normal pace right now, so I finally did more drawing last night. I am continuing to study the eyes. I learned that when the eyes look away from the viewer, they are not actually round. They either flatten or elongate, even if it’s subtle. So I have added another picture. I have 3 eyes that are adult eyes looking away from the viewer and then 3 eyes of children. One is an infant, one a toddler, and one an older child. Really interesting the differences as a human ages. Next up will be expressive eyes, so come back to look again!
I’m also gearing up to do my next art quilt…..Barney the Owl, so keep checking back as I get into that.
Happy New Year!

3 eyes looking away; 3 eyes of children


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