Posted by: jbaner | March 16, 2010

Evergreen Quilt Guild

Wow, the time flies by and here again, I am slow to blog about my doings. In December I joined the Evergreen Quilt Guild and volunteered to become the Friendship block chairperson. I am slowly getting to know the other members and am finding it fun to be in another guild. We meet every Tuesday of the month at the Birchwood Presbyterian Church. Each Tuesday is designated for a different activity, so you can participate in whatever you like. I was asked to quilt a quilt that the guild made for the church. Whew, I got it done before Easter as asked. Georgine  is going to bind it. It was very fun to do, but unfortunately, I handed it over before I took pictures. I will try to get one to add to my blog. So check back!!



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