Posted by: jbaner | October 14, 2009

Moonlight Quilter’s Guild challenge

I belong to the Moonlight Quilter’s Guild in Bellingham and this year the challenge was to create a quilt inspired by a favorite dish. The challenge ended Monday night. Along with the quilt, we were to make the recipe and bring it to the meeting for snacks and the recipe to put in the cookbook we are making for a fund raiser. It was fun challenge and it took me several months to get inspired. In the end of August, my husband and I went blackberry picking on a warm Sunday morning. I got my arm all scratched up. We picked so many berries that I was able to put several bags in the freezer after making a dish of Blackberry Crumble. A couple of weeks after that I found this wonderful airbrushed fat quarter at the LaConner Quilt Museum and it screamed “blackberries”! So it came home with me and the stitching began. I had also recently found blackberry fabric at Fourth Corner Quilts and scattered them amongst the leaves. But they still needed more, so I added beads to give them just a little sparkle. I am proud to announce that I won second place. Tonya Alexander won first place with “Chicken pot pie”…well deserved I might add, and Alice Oprysyk won third place with “Vegetable soup”, again a wonderful quilt. I did not get pictures of them, however. Very fun challenge……


Blackberry Crumble

Blackberry Crumble


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